Military Marriage Counseling and Marital Conflict

Learn and Live Military Marriage counseling finds a population that is very diverse. And military marriages struggle with the typical constellation of problems and challenges faced by civilian families. Teen rebellion. Behavior problems with younger children. ADHD. Financial stress, and caring for aging parents. But Military families also have unique virtues, and strengths, and we will help you use them to repair what is broken.


Strength-Based Counseling

The hardest part of any challenge is 'taking on' the challenge itself. Once you can break down the barriers, you will discover parts of yourself that you've never channeled before. Don't let the fear of moving forward stand in your way of being your greatest self. Let us help you achieve the life you deserve at home and beyond.


We Help You Thrive Overall

Having taken on a duty that less than 1% of the United States population has and will, you deserve the highest level of care, especially when you are struggling in your with your marriage, family, leadership skills, or communication. 

These areas are where Learn & Live specialize to bring real change in your life so you can start living the way you have earned.


Veteran Marriage Support

It’s hard to imagine a marriage with more strain on it than that of a serviceman or woman and their spouse. You would think while looking into these marriages, the things found would mostly be negative — that you'd see a lot of challenges and not a lot of upside. 

This is not the case, but instead, you will see that human resiliency is a beautiful thing and that there are a lot of positive, hopeful things happening in your military marriages.

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Additional Ways To Succeed

Take a look at some self-help materials that we have created to help the veteran community and their families along with other recommended materials and items to achieve a happy, healthy life.