Build a Marriage You’ll Love Today…And Treasure For a Lifetime

Hi there! I’m Daniel Faust and I am glad you are learning a little bit more about my wife, Michelle, and I, and what we are doing to help veteran couples around the world create thriving, passionate marriages and lives outside of the home. I served in the United States Air Force Reserves, and we are both authors, speakers, and trainers in personal and professional relationships.


Certified and Passionate

Daniel Faust is a Certified Disc trainer, behavioral consultant, and educational manager. He has served 17 years in the United States Air Force (Active Duty & Reserves). His diverse experience working with military, government, foreign nationals, and corporations has equipped him to serve in marriages, families, leadership, and communication. He heart is for the “community” at large is to thrive in their relationships. Daniel serves as a “relationship consultant” via writing books, blogs, conducting live video lessons, seminars, workshops, and consultations at Learn & Live. Daniel is married to his wife Michelle with 4 kids living in Scottsdale, AZ


Experienced and Understanding

After 17 years of being in the military and traveling around the world as a husband and wife, father and mother, soldier and military spouse, and as speakers, we have built a knowledge base and complete understanding in exactly what it means to go through the difficulties of life in the world of a Veteran, and how to carry on and achieve the life you and your family deserve.