Learn & Live Veteran Marriage and Life Counseling Services



Your relationship is paramount to a thriving marriage. When trials come you will be tested, but you are not alone. From books to our weekly FB/IG lives, personality assessments, tools, and even in-depth laser focused consultative services. We are here for you and your family as a fellow Veteran. 

 If you need direct intervention via a discovery session for consultative services please request a free 15-minute session here. Tell us the time that best fits you. We are here to serve your marriage to thriving.

 More than often it is pertaining to communication and intimacy. So before your marriage is lost, give us a call. We want to help your relationship thrive.



 Your children look to you for guidance and a model for their relationships. What are you teaching them?

As a husband, a father, and a family man of four kids, I totally get it. With four kids and three deployments, I get how hard things can be. I want your family to #thrive and for you to be the father or mother that you want to be.

Amidst the bustle of technology, and an ever-busy schedule, it can be hard to show up how you would like to. Families are dynamically changing on a daily basis. Rather than just tolerate them why not #celebrate them by understanding them. Thrive with your loved ones no matter the season.



Your team's success is determined by your ability to lead them properly, are you satisfied with your results?

All of us assume we know how to brush our teeth. Despite this, many people are brushing their teeth incorrectly and inefficiently .

The same is true of leadership. An alarming number of leaders believe they are doing everything they should and that is working just fine. The truth is though, most are leading inefficiently.

We want to help you to lead more effectively and command the respect and comradery you have been missing.



People have distinct communication and listening styles. Knowing how your team members communicate is paramount to being able to effectively share your message with them in a way that gets results.

In communications we tend to see things in our own way and to expect others to see things our way. At Learn & Live we want for you to thrive in your life and in your business.

We will teach you how to understand the various communication styles and how to have better two-way communication that allows you to meet shared objectives and successful communicate your message. 

Knowing how to understand and effectively convey your message is key to strong relationships at home and in the workplace. We are here to help.